Friday, February 6, 2009

What Makes A Good Review Site That An Affiliate Marketer Should Know.

What makes a good ClickBank review site? There are a lot
of variables and factors, but three critical elements are:

1) Targeted Traffic
2) Credibly Objective Reviews
3) Getting The Affiliate Link Click Through

Here's what you'll need to do this (in no particular order):

1) Your own domain name.
2) Your own hosting account.
3) Screen capture software.
4) Word processor program.
5) ClickBank affiliate account.
6) Startup capital of $500.
7) Intermediate HTML skills.
8) Targeted traffic (free/paid).

Step 1:

Pick at least 5 products from the ClickBank marketplace that
are extremely popular. You can do this with less popular items
too, but we like to focus on stuff that is selling like hotcakes.

Step 2:

Using your screen capture software, record yourself visiting
the sales page for the first product. It helps if you script a
brief "game plan" of what you're going to say and how you're
going to present the sales page and product. Try and keep it
relatively short (under 2 minutes). With the screen capture
software still running, narrate out loud as you purchase the
product itself. Yes, you're actually buying the product. Do not
pause the camera at any time. In post-production you will be
able to "blur" your payment details from view. It's critical that
the viewer really see that you're buying the product.

Step 3:

When you arrive at the product download page, show the
viewer how to download the product. Explain that they'll see
a charge on their PayPal and/or credit card statement from
ClickBank, and that they have a 60 day money back guarantee.

Step 4:

In the case of eBooks, open the eBook while the camera is still
recording. Hit the "Page Down" key a few times to briefly flash
some of the contents of the eBook while explaining to the viewer
that the video will be paused while you review the eBook itself.

With software, install and load the software. Make sure it's very
clear that you actually own the software and have just installed
it on your computer.

Note: Pause the screen capture software. You will then spend
about 20 to 30 minutes checking out the eBook/software. Try and
find some interesting information that correlates with a benefit,
and jot down the page number it's on (in the case of an eBook).
For software, once you see how it works, startup the screen
capture program and show it in action, or show the results of
something you created with the software. This is pure gold...

Step 5:

Restart the screen capture program, but this time you'll be on
your word processor. While the camera was paused, you typed up
a few quick bullet points that include revealing what pages within
the eBook mention interesting benefit driven information. You
can also simply talk about the different chapters, and what you
thought of each one. Don't make this more than 2 minutes.

For software related products, see the last part of Step 4 above.

Step 6:

With the screen capture program still running, go back to the sales
page for the product. This is important... in about 1 minute or less,
assuming the product is one you'd highly recommend, forcefully give
the product a very strong recommendation. Remind the viewer that
there's no risk, and encourage them to purchase the product.

Step 7:

End the screen capture video with you still on the sales page. Go
and blur your payment details, and be sure to obscure the product
download page URL if it's visible (oops - don't forget this! LOL)

Step 8:

Compile the finished screen capture presentation so that at
the end it automatically jumps to the sales page for the sales
page of the product you just purchased and talked about via
your ClickBank affiliate link. This is where the magic happens.
Your viewer will now be right on the product sales page. Nothing
to click - it was an automatic redirect via your ClickBank
affiliate link...

Step 9:

Upload the finished video to your hosting account. Using your
intermediate HTML skills, create a suitable landing page for the
particular product that's being talked about in the video. Make
sure that the video auto-plays when the page loads. This is
very important - capture the viewers interest immediately.

Step 10:

Start writing as many articles as you can and submit them
to article directories. Your resource box should include your
domain name and the specific web page of a product that
you are reviewing that's related to the article the resource box
is associated with. You can also link to a product category page
that includes more than one review page to choose from once
you've built this up over time. You can also pay for traffic, using
the product you're reviewing as one of the primary [keywords].
(I'd recommend using [exact match] via Adwords if you're going
to buy traffic this way.)


Bare in mind the $500 in startup capital assumes you're buying
between 5 to 10 products that might range in price from $50 to
$100 dollars each. It's not an exact number. Since paying for
traffic is optional, no additional funds are allocated for that in
the startup capital costs. It's assumed you have a domain name,
hosting, screen capture software, and a word processor. Getting
a ClickBank account is free. When we finally started doing this,
we spent close to $2,000 snapping up lots of hot products - but
in retrospect, we could have just as well started with 5 products.

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